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Click to Call

Start calling out from Sugar by clicking on the Call Manager icon.

Call Manager for SugarCRM

Caller ID Detection

The Desktop App looks up matching Caller IDs in Sugar and displays the person name, company name and phone number. A new browser tab is automatically opened and shows you more details about the caller.

Call log

Call Logging

Incoming and outgoing calls are logged automatically in Sugar. Important informations about the call (like status, direction, duration) is archived to Sugar.

Call log
Quick create

Quick Create Action Menu

Save time and quickly create Contacts, Leads and Cases from the Desktop App. The detected phone number is automatically pasted in the Sugar record.

Call Manager Settings

Easy Deployment & Configuration

Call Manager can be easily installed and deployed. There are many options to configure and adapt Call Manager to your needs.

Call Manager Settings


Call Manager was designed with one simple goal: make it easy to use by providing a clean and simple user interface.

Call Manager Notes Dashlet

Quick Notes

Call Manager helps you to log or to plan your conversations during the call in the fastest possible way.

Call Manager Notes Dashlet


Call Manager is designed to connect to Sugar 6.5.X and 7.X, on Premise or in the Cloud. Call Manager uses the TAPI protocol (TAPI 2.X, 3.X) to connect to your telephony system. There are also special connector versions available for STARFACE, Asterisk and SNOM.

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Hide all features

Click to Call

Allows you to start an outbound call with one click in your browser.

Call Logging

Log call direction, duration, status and relates the record to the Lead or Contact automatically. Call logging can be deactivated by the user.

Show Caller in CRM

Open the Contact or Lead in a new browser tab at incoming calls.

Quick Create Link

Allows you to open Create View of a new Lead, new Contact or a new Case from the Desktop App with one click.


Allows you to configure and customize the behavior of the record look-up and to manipulate the Caller ID.

Pick-up and end a Call

Allows you to pick and end calls from the Desktop App.

Show Skype Status

Allows you to see the Skype online status of the Contact or Lead.

Start a Skype Chat or Call

Allows you to start a Skype chat or call with one click.

Quick Activities Dashlet

Allows you to quickly log a conversation and plan follow-up actions while you do a call.

TAPI line

Call Manager uses a generic TAPI interface to connect to telephony systems.

Multiple Deployment Options

Call Manager can be run On Demand or On Site environments.

Quick installation

You can install the Desktop App on a Windows 7/8 by running a MSI package. We provide a module for easy installation in Sugar by „Module Loader“.

Optional: Call Center Reporting

Ask us for more details.

How it works

Call Manager - How it works

Business Benefits

More Efficiency for each Call Agent

Every telephone call can be automatically logged, the caller and his call history will appear on the display. The agent can quickly log or plan an activity.

Keep your Legacy Equipment

Call Manager is compatible with many existing telephony systems on the market and all Sugar editions in versions 6.5, 7.5, 7.6 as well a SuiteCRM 7.1.X.

Easy Setup and System Maintenance

Call Manager is a lightweight solution that has low system requirements. It takes only a few minutes to set up the system.
Call Manager can be perfectly used for hosted Sugar instances (also for SugarOnDemand/SugarOpenCloud).

Added Value for Call Centers

Because Call Manager becomes an integral part of Sugar you can use the existing tools for reporting and workflows.
In fact with our optional Call Center reporting and workflow package you can get a solution comparable with expensive specific call center systems for the fraction of the cost.

Easy to Learn

Call Manager is completely integrated into the user interface of Sugar. Your Agents will love it!

Try Before you Buy

You can test Call Manager for 30 days and check if it fits your needs and system infrastructure.

Call Manager Trial


Yearly Subscription License
Sugar instances hosted by MyCRM only
All prices excluding VAT (19 %).
Perpetual License
Sugar instances hosted by third parties (parties other than MyCRM GmbH)
All prices excluding VAT (19 %).



Is my SugarCRM or SuiteCRM version compatible with Call Manager?

Call Manager designed to work with all flavors of Sugar in versions 6.5 and 7 (On Demand and On Site) as well as SuiteCRM 7.1.X running on MySQL.

Is my telephony system compatible with Call Manager?

Call Manager is technically spoken a TAPI Windows Desktop Client. It has built-in support for many TAPI 2.X and 3.X standard features. If you use a telephony system where a generic TSP (TAPI Service Provider) software is available, the chances are very high that the setup will work. There are also special versions available to support Starface, SNOM and Asterisk telephony systems.

How can I test Call Manager?

You are welcome to request a test version. We will send you links to the software downloads and a test license valid for 30 days within 24 hours on our office hours. The trial software is fully featured. We will also provide support during the trial period by E-Mail.

Where do I find documentation?

You can find the current manual by clicking on this link: Documentation

How can I get a Call Manager license?

International customers (NON EU): You can pay by PayPal. If you like to order by invoice, send an E-Mail We will create a license key and an invoice you within 48 hours on office hours.
EU customers: You can pay by invoice using SEPA. If you like to order by invoice, send an E-Mail We will send you a license key and an invoice once the payment was received.
VAT for Non EU and EU (not German): We need your VAT number to exclude the 19 % VAT.

What is included in the price?

Subscription license model: We include access to updates during the subscription period. We also include one support ticket per year by E-Mail.
Perpetual license model: We include one support ticket by E-Mail.

We are 40 CRM users but only need 10 Call Manager seats. Could we buy only 10 seats?

Yes! You only need to license the number of seats you require.

Michael Zogot, CRM Consultant
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